Ditch Take Out | Enjoy Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals from These Food Delivery Companies

You know when you drive through the local fast food joint that you’re not ordering that food for your health. Still, that double bacon cheeseburger with extra mayonnaise sounds great at the time, doesn’t it? Add fries and soda, and you’re not only looking at a calorie explosion, but you’re also making a down payment on a heart attack. Later on, you often regret purchasing what some people colorfully call ‘gut bombs’ in the form of the all-American cheeseburger.

One of the problems with our modern, fast-paced lifestyles is that we eat on the go. We often wait until we are desperately hungry before picking up something, and when we’re that hungry, the options tend to be unhealthy. Years of this kind of habit puts padding on your waistline and contributes to many health problems down the road.
So what can you do? Your lifestyle is still hectic, and you need to eat.

One great solution that has come up in the last few years is to let other people do it for you. Instead of grabbing a quick bite to eat via the drive-through that you’ll only regret later, consider trying a meal delivery service. These meal kits are an ideal way to get all the nutrients you need and can also be a lifesaver for those trying to regulate what they eat while they are losing weight.

The following are a few options to try out if the idea of a meal subscription service has piqued your interest:


For 72 dollars a week, you can receive three dinners for two people right at your door. All the ingredients for the meal are already in the box, so you will no longer have to worry about shopping or measuring anything – just cook! Plated’s culinary team designs all meals to be ready in a jiffy, so even when you’re starving, you can get a home-cooked meal on the table fast.


This gluten-free option offers healthy meals cooked by chefs and delivered to your doorstep. The menu features thirty rotating entrees, and every meal is ready to eat after two minutes in the microwave. This is a great option for people on the go looking to eliminate gluten from their diet. Read the Freshly review on Boxed Mealz.

Blue Apron

Known as the industry leader, Blue Apron offers fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes delivered to your door. They work with farmers to ensure the sustainability of their products, so Blue Apron is an excellent choice for people interested in taking care of the environment. Blue Apron is also one of the most affordable meal delivery services on the market, starting at just $8.74/serving for the family plan.

Green Chef

If you’re looking for a food delivery kit that satisfies dietary restrictions, your best option is Green Chef. This organic meal service has six different meal plans: vegetarian, omnivore, vegan, carnivore, gluten-free, and paleo. Prices range from $10.49 to $14.99 per meal, with a $9 shipping charge per box. Most meals are ready in just 30 minutes.
Healthy meal subscription boxes can save you and your family both time and money while ensuring your ongoing health. Over time, these boxes also work out to be cheaper than fast food and are therefore easy on both your weight and your wallet. These types of meal services can give you the peace of mind that you are eating healthy even in today’s modern, fast-paced world.

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